Responsive Prayer: A Believer’s Bible

O God of Truth, we thank you for the Holy Scriptures, their precepts, promises, directions, light.

In them may we learn more of Christ, be enabled to retain his truth and have grace to follow it.

Help us to lift up the gates of our souls that he may come in and show us himself when we search the Scriptures, for on our own we cannot fathom its depths, or soar to its heights.

By his help may we be enabled to explore all its truths, love them with all our hearts, embrace them with all our power, instill them into our lives.

God, may all grains of truth gathered from your Word take deep root and be harvested to our joy and your praise.

Help us to see your Word as treasure beyond all treasure, as a fountain which can replenish our dry hearts.

From it show us how our words have often been unfaithful to you, injurious to our fellow-men, empty of grace, full of foolishness, dishonoring to our calling.

Then write your own words upon our hearts and inscribe them on our lips; so shall all glory be to you in our reading of your Word! Through Christ, the living Word, we pray. Amen.

adapted from “A Minister’s Bible” (The Valley of Vision) © 1975 The Banner of Truth Trust